Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dome home in Colorado up for grabs

Splendid Monolithic dome home in Colorado up for grabs

Dome’s your home. Perfections aren’t always straight, they could be curved as a dome. If thought baffles you, the picture above should clarify. The six-bedroom, two-bath, 5,600 sq. ft. monolithic dome home is situated on a bluff at 6,700 feet above sea level, in the heart of the Apishipa River Valley near Aguilar, Colorado. The beautiful Huajatolla Peaks greets the monolithic dome home in the back. The home consists of eight interconnected domes, with the main dome 40 feet in diameter with 1,756 square feet of living space, including living room, dining area, kitchen and loft. There are two bedrooms on the upper level and all the six are 22 feet in diameter. Peacock feather dining tables
adorn the Living room and dining area.

Other facilities include a theater dome, a 1,300-square-foot guest home, a geodesic growing dome and a solar powered well. In winters, the home looks like igloos positioned side by side. The peaceful, fabulous property has been appraised at $1,000,000 and is listed at $975,000.

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